For Beginners

When you come down to our club for the first time to take lesson; we recommend that you wear the following:


  • T-Shirt
  • Long Work Out Pants (ie Sweat Pants, Wind Pants, ect)
  • Sneakers that have good support (ie cross trainers, running sneakers, ect)


Once the lessons move into using equipment we will supply it at the beginning (equipment is first come first serve basis).


As you progress, you may want to purchase your own equipment. We can help you make that choice on when and what to buy. For an example, once we see interest from the potential fencer is going to continue, we would recommend them purchasing a mask, glove, and a jacket. Again, this can and should be discussed with one of the officers of the club.


If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask us.

The Team

Our instructors are highly qualified and have significant knowledge and training. Most of them are experts in their field.

Kevin O'Grady


Coach - Sabre`


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